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As anticipated, we released our initial “promotional” video to the public early in the morning of June 12th. We would have done so sooner but, just in case this thing took off, I didn’t want to do anything to risk upstaging my oldest daughter’s (Allie) wedding day on June 11th.

Well, results were immediate and VERY positive! As of about 36 hours after release, we had well over 360 views and nearly $500 donated! Much work to do to meet our lofty goal but far from a flop or fizzle at the starting gate!!

Right off the bat, generous donations were received by some special friends whose stories must be briefly touched upon here (I’m hoping to tell them in much more detail in the very near future). The first was from Christi Aguiar, who I met and got to know just over a year ago in Richards, TX while attending Adventure Cycling Association‘s leadership training course. Christi has a fascinating story and is a pure leader who was recently hired by Adventure Cycling as a tour leader. Three weeks into the very first (I believe) tour she was leading, she unfortunately crashed, was injured slightly (broken shoulder blade) and was forced to drop out. Very unfortunate! However I was pleasantly surprised to see her name and her generous gift to Emme & the Theisen family show up nearly immediately upon seeing our video. So generous and such a cool way to reconnect with Christi. Looking forward to telling more of her story very soon!

Then later that day, Nicole Abernathy stepped up in a big way! Nicole is special, not just for her gift but because she is one of the original founders of The Pancreatitis Foundation AND, in 2008, she actually had the very same surgery (at University of Minnesota) that Emme looks to be facing. I really do need to delve much further into Nicole’s story very soon (Hint: Nicole was the inspiration behind our the “Pay it Forward” mantra we have held near and dear to our hearts for years & is credited with one of the great quotes/comments ever for pancreatitis sufferers everywhere: “scars are like tattoos but with better stories”). But for now, I just have to say to Nicole: Thank you for this donation and for doing so much to help blaze this trail! You are a pure inspiration to so many!

Thank you to all who have stepped up with gifts, shares and well-wishes so quickly! The bike trip is still 3 months from starting, but this journey has already begun. And if the first day or two are any indication….wow, what a ride i am in for! You people are AWESOME!!