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It’s been a while since our last post, and for good reason. Mark and The Theisen’s have been busy making media appearances to support the mission of #EmmeSmiles. Part of the reason for Mark’s ride is to raise awareness about the painful disease that is pancreatitis. The other part is to raise funds for the medical expenses Emily Thiesen’s family is going to incur when she undergoes a total pancreatectomy and auto islet cell transplant. All of the media attention, and support from people like you, have helped us progress on both fronts.

We are now a week out from our co-founder Mark Light’s first pedal push as he heads east from San Diego on his solo journey across the Southern Tier of the United States. And while this part of the story would be amazing and newsworthy by itself, there is still a larger part to all of this. We have been lucky that Emme has felt well enough to shoot TV interviews and even attend a send off party for Mark. The reality is that she is still struggling every day. Since it’s hard for a 3 year old to articulate what she is going through Mark wanted to interview people that have, or have been affected by, pancreatitis.



We can’t thank everyone in the video enough for sharing their stories. It was very powerful.

To catch up with all the media coverage checkout this recap post that Emily’s dad did over on her personal website http://www.emmejo.com/2016/08/28/what-emmesmiles-is-all-about/