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Week one is in the books, and what a week it was. There is an old saying that “It’s about the journey, not the destination” and did this ever hold true for Mark as he made his way through California and into Arizona.

At every turn there has been another story better than the last. So instead of trying to recap them all we have decided to share them with you as they were posted by Mark. If you want to follow along with the journey, or just don’t want to read this entire post, here are some ways to stay in touch easily:

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Week 1 Recap

Here is the GPS tracking of Mark’s journey so far:


While that is an impressive distance, we are a bit ahead of ourselves. Here is how it all began:

Turns out that Mark was pushing off from San Diego, which so happens to be where Emily’s dad has family. They took great care of Mark while he prepped to make the 3,000+ mile journey. As luck would have it Emily’s mom has family a couple of hours north.

They couldn’t pass up the chance to meet Mark and give him a big send off

The trip had another crazy circumstance occur. There have been too many of these types of things to share in one post but we had to tell this one. Someone was tagging along to chronicle the send off by taking pictures. When he locked his keys in his house, an Uber was needed to make it in time. On the way he explained to the Uber driver what was going on. Turns out the driver had participated in a cross country ride in 1998 called the GTE Big Ride Across America. The driver asked if she could meet Mark. Turns out Mark knew all about “The Big Ride”








Here is what it takes to live on your own for a couple months. Over 50 pounds worth of gear on the bike








Mark did his first live video of the trip, but some audio difficulties kept popping up. Skip the first part and watch the journey start with his back tire in the Pacific Ocean

While this is a solo journey, Mark has had tremendous support. Carlos from the Major Taylor Cycling Club in San Diego joined for the first leg. They even had a police escort to help them get out of town (too bad it wasn’t Erik Estrada)










While many new friends were made in the early going, Mark also unexpectedly connected with some old ones

The recap Mark shared from Day 1 was spot on

Best laid plans rarely pan out during an adventure like this

We take a break from your regularly scheduled Mark Light updates to bring you a back waxing. Yes you read that right. Emme’s uncle Dave Rivard has been offering up his version of “Stupid Human Tricks” for people that have been willing to donate and help hit a set milestone. Somehow he let a milestone get set that he would get Emme’s name waxed into his back hair once the milestone was hit. Well it was reached. The video is long, but well worth it. Oh did we tell you that Dave lives directly on Marks route in northwest Florida? Yet another crazy circumstance on this wild ride

Now back to your regularly scheduled updates from the road

The sign for the city Mark decided to stop couldn’t be more perfect. One of Emme’s favorite things to do is listen to music and dance

As Mark starts the second week of his two plus month trek we can only hope similar stories about all the good people in the world keep coming.

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