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It would be hard to top the unforgettable first week of encounters Mark has had in California and Arizona. But while week two had some riding setbacks, the people of Arizona didn’t disappoint.

Here is the progress through the end of Week 2

Week 2 Progress

For those that want to skim through the goings on socially, or follow along in more real time, checkout the #EmmeSmiles hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.

Before we get into the great stories from the road we have to share…..

Now thats GOOD PEOPLE right there.

Even with some bicycle sores Mark was off

And the beginning of #SaddleGate

Not thanks to those nasty bicycle “saddle” sores Mark had to take his time and let his body recover. Others that have made the same trip had to cut it short due to similar sores, so everyone was happy to hear Mark was taking his time. Except him.

Not being able to ride gave Mark some time to reflect on the journey and how it all started years ago with a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon with another pancreatitis sufferer.

What do you do on a solo bicycle ride across the country when you are in the desert and don’t want to unpack your tent?

Even two weeks after first meeting Carlos, the ride and Emme’s story live on.

Good people really are EVERYWHERE.